Guidelines for Lodging Complaint

• All complaints received through website shall be processed after confirming the veracity of the complainant and further action shall be taken as per laid down procedure.

• As per the guidelines of CVC, no action will be taken on the anonymous / pseudonymous complaints and such complaints should be filed. Hence, correct name, valid email-id & mobile no, address and valid supporting documents are mandatory for processing the complaint.

• The complaints with matters related to corruption and having ‘Vigilance Angle’ and which are not part of any litigation in any courts, tribunals, etc. shall only be examined. Complaint should not be biased or based on any personal grievances and not having any Vigilance Angle.

• Complaint must be brief, contain the factual details, verifiable facts & related matters. They should not be vague or contain sweeping general statements.

• In case, it is found that complaint was false and harassment of officials has been caused, action may be taken against the complainant.

• After receiving the complaint, NDDB will seek confirmation from the complainant for owning or disowning the complaint, as the case may be, together with copy of his/her identity proof. Only after receiving complainant's confirmation, further action on the complaint will be taken by Vigilance. It is therefore, advised that complainant provides his/her proper name and full address.

• No correspondence shall be entertained on the subject after lodging the complaint.

• The Complainants are also advised not to continue lodging complaint on the same subject repeatedly.

• A complaint should preferably be lodged in typed or written form in English or Hindi language for facilitating early action thereon. Complaints not received in Hindi or English shall first be translated to either Hindi or English and then only further action will be taken.

Complaints Handling Process

• The User who wants to lodge a complaint shall register him/herself as a User with the required details with valid e-mail id and mobile no. before lodging the complaint.

• User will be sent a One Time Password (OTP) to the mobile number and email id of the user provided in registration details.

• After receipt of OTP, the user shall enter the OTP to complete the registration process.

• After successful registration, the User shall login with his login credentials to lodge a complaint and verification will be done through OTP sent on Mobile/Email.

• On login, the User will be able to see the complaints registered by the user and also their status under ' View Status ' tab.

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